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Eye exams are a pivotal piece in your overall wellness. They provide a way to care for your eye health while mitigating damage from eye conditions you may not even realize you have. At Irvine Eye Center in Irvine, California, board-certified ophthalmologist Andrew Lee, MD, provides both diabetic and comprehensive eye exams geared toward aging adults. To schedule your next exam and learn about your eye health, call Irvine Eye Center or schedule an appointment online today.

Eye Exam Q&A

What is an eye exam?

An eye exam is a routine appointment with your ophthalmologist to check the health of your eyes. Not only does your provider look for the early signs of eye conditions, but they may also update your prescription for glasses or contact lenses. 


The frequency with which you should get eye exams changes throughout your life. Most adults need a comprehensive eye exam once every 1-3 years, but your ophthalmologist at Irvine Eye Center might encourage you to get more frequent eye exams if certain conditions affect your eyes. 


Once you turn 40, your eyes start to change faster than before due to age. At this point, you might need increased eye exams. By age 64, you should schedule eye exams at Irvine Eye Center annually.

Which type of eye exam do I need?

Irvine Eye Center provides two different types of eye exams for adults. You can contact the office to schedule:

Comprehensive eye exams

Comprehensive eye exams check many parameters of your eye health, including intraocular pressure, eye muscle control, and refraction. Irvine Eye Center uses highly advanced diagnostic equipment to provide an accurate assessment. 

Diabetic eye exams

Diabetic eye exams are similar to comprehensive eye exams, but your provider gears them toward patients who have or are at risk of diabetes. These eye exams focus on the health of your retinas and the blood vessels feeding into your eyes. Diabetes can cause eye damage over time due to the increased glucose in your blood.

Which conditions can be detected during eye exams?

Both comprehensive and diabetic eye exams can lead to early diagnoses of many ocular conditions. With early diagnosis, you can get treatment as soon as possible, reduce symptoms, and prevent vision loss in some cases. 


A comprehensive or diabetic eye exam can detect early signs of:


  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic retinopathy


If you receive a diagnosis during your eye exam at Irvine Eye Center, your ophthalmologist develops an individualized care plan to help you manage symptoms and minimize eye damage. 


Call Irvine Eye Center or schedule an appointment online for a comprehensive or diabetic eye exam today.