About Irvine Eye Center

Board Certified Ophthalmologist located in Irvine, CA

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Irvine Eye Center is a superior ophthalmology practice that provides exceptional eye care for aging individuals in Irvine, California. Led by board-certified ophthalmologist Andrew Lee, MD, the practice strives to provide every patient with honest, evidence-based care. Dr. Lee’s approach, which utilizes his rich background in the field, involves developing individualized treatment plans with the latest diagnostic technology. 

Patients can rely on Irvine Eye Center for detailed examinations that proactively identify the early signs of various eye conditions. This preventive approach is built on Dr. Lee’s fellowship training, which boasts an intensive education from the world-renowned Stein Eye Institute in Los Angeles, California. This education indicates that even basic eye exams serve as one-of-a-kind diagnostic tools. For example, Dr. Lee offers comprehensive eye exams for every standard patient but tailors specific diabetic eye exams to those at risk of complications, such as diabetic retinopathy. 

Irvine Eye Center remains on the cutting edge of diagnostic and surgical technologies. Dr. Lee routinely diagnoses and treats vision-altering conditions, including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and cataracts. For patients needing cataract surgery, Dr. Lee brings unmatched fellowship training in corneal and refractive surgery, allowing him to replace a damaged lens with an updated, customizable intraocular lens. 

Patients routinely visit Irvine Eye Center with concerning symptoms and questions about their eye health. Regardless of the reason for your visit, Dr. Lee evaluates your symptoms – like red eyes, dry eyes, floaters, and flashers – and provides relief through individualized care. 

Irvine Eye Center currently accepts new and returning patients who want to prioritize their eye health and vision. Call the office or book online for an exam today.